BPM 2010:
DJ Lady Brock will be appearing on the Reloop Play@BPM Stage on Sunday 3rd October at 4:15pm

She now has a vast Booking history and has played at events such as High Voltage, Hardcore Rapture, Scars Powder Room, Hardcore Breakdown, X-treme energy and Ballistic Beats both of which she has residencies at. These are just to name a few.

Lady Brock has 2 tracks forthcoming to labels these are:

Lady Brock and DJ Pinnacle – Point ya Finga – NSR records

Lady Brock and Double T VS Kurt – Dubcore Rythm – Lethal Theory Raw

Having being chosen to be on the NEC promo list you can catch her playing some of the finest in hardcore on 2 radio stations these being www.global-dance.net from 8pm on Wednesdays and the world renowned www.kraftyradio.com from 2pm on Sundays.

Her style of music both within producing tracks and mixing live always shows her diversity in taste. She likes many genres and draws influences in from garage, hard trance, electro and especially drum and bass. Having a varied taste in music has helped her progress into the style she has today in wanting to be that little bit different from the normal taking you on a journey within her mix.

When Lady Brock isn’t in the studio or behind the decks she still likes to dedicate her life to her music through designing fliers for events as well as logos, stationary or any thing else you an think of. During the week her full time job is a graphic designer working for a magazine company and freelance she makes print flyers, eflyers, logos, banners, corporate identities including business cards and stationary, adverts of any kind and illustrations.

The newest venture which she has been working on for the past year is www.whitenoisehq.co.uk. This is the site where you can find all information on Lady Brock and Double T, what gigs they are at, photos from events, podcasts and the design portfolio. This year will bring the first event from white noise HQ which is set for bank holiday 2nd May.

Lady Brock’s Radio Shows: