Video Mixing 101
By Brian S. Redd, DJ Etronik & Andi Crampton
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Day Sunday
Time 12:00
Area Dome 2

Video mixing is reshaping the mobile entertainment industry. Visitors to the BPM Show can get an informative guide on how to put this trend to work for them at the Video Mixing seminar presented by American DJ and American Audio. This session will be a roundtable presentation hosted by YouTube sensation Brian S. Redd along with two mobile DJs who have extensive experience in video mixing: Edgar (DJ Etronik) Bernal and DJ Andi Crampton.

The session will include hands-on demos and audience participation and a question-answer session. Some of the topics covered will include: getting started in video mixing; common pitfalls; the interplay of lighting and video mixing; new ideas on how to integrate video technology into your performance with teleprompters, timelines (for example showing the evening's schedule) and flat screen TV monitors. Without recommending specific brands, the panelists will provide a guide to putting together a video mixing gear package that includes an adaptor that links your MAC or PC to your video screen.

The seminar will also cover how video mixing increases the value and revenue of a DJ’s show. This session is information only, it will NOT be a product focused seminar.


Over the last six years Brian S. Redd has become a worldwide You Tube DJ sensation giving out free advice to disc jockeys on a variety of topics. He’s amassed over 20,500 subscribers from his 1,250 DJ help videos. Brian, a 20 year DJ veteran, has also been recognized for his work in various DJ publications, both domestic and abroad. He has made a name for himself in the DJ community where he is known and respected as an industry consultant. A true international DJ, Brian travels worldwide to not only perform but to educate and share industry ideas and concept with DJs everywhere. His career has gone to the next level as an official ‘ADJ Artist’ working with industry leading manufacturer American DJ to bring new products and services to his peers, helping them become better DJs. Follow Brian on You Tube: www.youtube.com/briansredd

Edgar Bernal (AKA DJ Etronik) is based in Los Angeles. A DJ since 1995, he has never been afraid of a challenge — whether it’s competing in the prestigious DMC competitions, or finding ways to use new technology to incorporate into his sets. Clubs, private events, trade shows, or competitions, Etronik knows how to play for an audience. Two of DJ Etronik‘s new projects are: taking on the world of VJing (Music Video Mixing) and working on his first album, scheduled for release in late 2012. There really is no one way to describe Etronik’s style, but you can always count on him to be innovative, electric, and full of enthusiasm and gratitude for all his fans all over the world.
Notable Championships include:
• 2006 DMC USA Supremacy Champion
• 2008 DMC USA CO-Team Champion
• 2010 DMC 4th World Runner-Up
• 2007-2008 Winter Music Conference Scratch Champion.
You can follow DJ Etronik on his Facebook page: www.facebook.com/djetronik

Andi Crampton better known in the club and mobile disco scene as his stage name Mark Andrews, had a passion for music from an early age, first stepping on stage 22 years ago in a major Birmingham club at the tender age of 14. Now, owner of Disco Dreams in Lancashire (working under his real name), Andi is a full-time DJ/VJ and lighting designer providing entertainment for weddings and school proms. Andi has been Video Mixing for over three years and is starting to produce his own video remixes. Andi is enjoying substantial bookings because he offers Video Mixing to his clients. Andi’s website: www.discodream.co.uk