Panel sessions at BPM offer unique opportunities for visitors to learn from industry professionals with fascinating experience in their particular fields. Each Panel covers a different specific topic, but all provide an unmissable opportunity to learn from a variety of music business veterans.

The panel sessions are currently being planned for BPM 2012 and the details will be announced closer to the event, however, to give a flavour of what to expect, these are the panels that took place at last year's BPM:

Mixing Music Isn't Enough
12:30pm Sunday 2nd October 2011

From the DJ Booth to the Studio

Being a DJ used to mean playing records, but now DJs are at the cutting edge of music production and topping the charts. So how do you take the leap from DJ to music maker? Does new technology mean it’s actually really easy? What skills do you need and where can you go to learn. Then, when you've made a track, what do you do with it? - Our panellists will have the answers to those questions and more.

Sitting on this exclusive panel are a collection of successful DJs who are just as familiar with a studio as a DJ booth. This is your chance to get up close and personal with established DJ/producers and find out how to move to the next level in your own career.

The Panel:

Richard Dinsdale

There are more DJs on this planet than there are lorries or domestic dogs. This is a scientifically proven fact. Few, however, play the game as well as Richard Dinsdale. Destination Big League: During his short but precision formed career he’s achieved more than many can muster in a whole lifetime.

Alex Kidd

The career of Alex Kidd reads like the dream wish list of any hard dance DJ. Over the past ten years The Kidd has caused more waves than the most turbulent of tsunamis and he continues his reign today as one of the undisputed leaders of Hard Dance.

Mark EG

From hard techno to hardstyle, from minimal to electro and everything in between, he has managed to carve himself a distinctive place deep within the minds of passionate music devotees the world over.

Jordan Suckley

Jordan Suckley is a name that has quickly made people’s tongues wag on the dance scene over the last couple of years. This is why he was snapped up by the almighty PFAgency as their fresh signing for 2009, who also host other huge artists such as Eddie Halliwell and John O’Callaghan.

Rebecca Saforia

Rebecca Saforia is always searching for inspiration. Her consistent experimentation with sound and music enables her to create a distinctive inimitable style which is constantly evolving to ensure the listener is always engaged.

From Dancefloors to Airwaves
3:45pm Sunday 2nd October 2011

Dance music DJs on the radio

Specialist dance shows now play a major part of many radio station line ups. They provide a soundtrack for millions of revellers who choose to stay in and party or are getting ready to go out. Making the leap from rocking a dance-floor to broadcasting to the masses on the radio is something that many DJs want to do, but most don’t know how to go about it.

What gives a DJ the edge to make it on the radio? What styles work best and how much freedom is a presenter really given? These questions and more will be debated by an awesome line up of guests who regularly grace the UK airwaves and have insights in to every type of radio from BBC to local commercial as well as the growing area of internet radio.

The Panel:


It’s very rare in this day and age to find new pioneers who work hard to push the boundaries of harder music. Hard Dance & Hardcore’s newest superstar Kutski aptly fits this title and is without doubt the most exciting cross over talent to emerge from the UK in the past decade!

Des Paul

Des Paul needs a new passport... “It’s always been a dream to have a stamp on every page of my passport, and I’ve got 2 blank pages left, having been lucky enough to join the elite team of Hed Kandi global residents playing all over the world.”

Esme Reaney

Esme is a key member of Radio 1's dance team, producing Kutski's weekly show and working with the full range of Radio 1's superstar DJ family! She has the experience and know how to pinpoint exactly what makes a great radio presenter.

Steve 'Butch' Jones

DJ, presenter, producer & remixer Steve 'Butch' Jones has had a love for music since he was in short trousers. His hugely popular 'Something Global' radio show has listeners all over the globe and Steve is kept busy with DJ bookings across the UK.

Living the Dream
2:00pm Monday 3rd October 2011

Jobs and career paths in the music industry

You love the music, you love the scene and you really want to embark on a career in the music industry. Not everyone will make it as a superstar DJ or chart topping producer, but fortunately there are many other ways to turn your passion into a rewarding career. There are countless different jobs within the music and DJ industry, but what do the job titles mean, what do the roles involve, and most importantly, how do you make it onto the first rung of the ladder?

Following on from last year’s highly successful panel discussing the variety of roles people play, we’ve decided to do it again with a fresh panel of industry professionals who will share what they do and how they got to where they are today. Our impressive panel features big names and unsung heroes with experience of DJing, producing, promoting, broadcasting, journalism, PR, product development and much more.

The Panel:

Mick Wilson

Known as the original rock and roll DJ, Mick Wilson made up one half of the infamous Parks & Wilson duo during the heady days of the emerging Dance Music Scene. Arguably one of the most influential DJ duo’s on the British dance scene at the time. Since getting together in the early nineties, the duo played at all the top clubs and events around the globe.

Danny Rampling

Danny Rampling is a bonafide music visionary and a revolutionary dance music pioneer. Through his legendary ground breaking Acid House club Shoom and subsequent long-standing associations with Kiss FM and Radio 1, Rampling’s catalyst influence has helped to shape dance music for over 20 years.


It’s very rare in this day and age to find new pioneers who work hard to push the boundaries of harder music. Hard Dance & Hardcore’s newest superstar Kutski aptly fits this title and is without doubt the most exciting cross over talent to emerge from the UK in the past decade!

Jason Pook

There are very few people in the world who can say they have been instrumental in creating some of the industry's most renowned products. Jason Pook is the head of Product Development at Pioneer DJ Europe and has been part of the team who designed & developed the ground breaking CDJ, DVJ & DJM products since 2000.


Vass kicked off his career in the electronic scene back in 2001 when he worked as promotion manager for Offitsface.com. In 2002 he set-up the websites popular club tour, hosting backroom parties at various clubs across the country that included Ministry of Sound and Turnmills.