Live debate and discussion from industry luminaries

Panel sessions at BPM offer unique opportunities for visitors to learn from industry professionals with fascinating experience in their particular fields. Each Panel covers a different specific topic, but all provide an unmissable opportunity to learn from a variety of music business veterans. The following 10 Panels will take place across the three days of BPM 2014:

Saturday 13th September

12:15 How to Get Ahead…
Establishing yourself as a DJ/producer can be tough, but this panel will focus on things that you can do to get ahead of the crowd. How do you get signed? How can you get more gigs? When do you need a manager? Got any questions on your future career? Ask the panel!
Panellists: Craig Connelly (DJ, Producer & A&R), Mojo Filter, Jay Cunning (On The Rise) & Claire Spooner (Him_Self_Her)

13:30 Future of the Record Label
With the internet breaking down the barriers between DJs, producers, artists and consumers, what role does the record label play in getting your music heard? Representatives from leading electronic music labels will discuss what they do now, and how they see the role of the record label developing in the future.
Panellists: Oli Wood (Black Butter), Matt Benn (Soundplate Records), Matt Dicks (AEI Media) & Charlie Gardner (Panda / Bambusa)

14:45 Making Money from Music
It is hard to make a living from just making music so how can you sustain a successful career in today's music industry? Our panel will discuss their personal experiences of both traditional and alternative revenue streams for producers including downloads, streaming, compilations, TV/film licencing and more.
Panellists: Rich Parkinson (SubSoul), Ashley Casselle (Murge Recordings), Omid 16b (Alola Records) & Kieran Bailey (Aquasky)

16:00 Publishing Your Tracks in a Digital Age
You may be the best producer or musician in the world but, without the ‘know how’ and tools to get yourself heard, it can be really tough to break through. How do you, in this digital age, make sure you are getting as much visibility as possible? What platforms should you use to monetise your efforts and how do you make sure your work isn’t used without your permission or, worst of all, someone doesn’t rip it off and claim it as their own!
Panellists: Jules O'Riordan AKA Judge Jules (Sheridans), Ben Rush (Founder & CEO AudioLock), Jon Skinner (Music Gateway), Nick Dunn (Horus Music) & Richard Lee (Music Factory Entertainment Group)

Sunday 14th September

12:15 DIY
You can't sit around waiting for your big break to happen, you've got to get out there and do it yourself. Hear how these industry icons created their own unique success stories and listen to their advice for those looking to follow their dream.
Panellists: Rob Tissera, Luke McMillan (The DJ Producer) & Terry Hooligan (Atomic Hooligan)

13:45 It's Only A Disco
They say if you can remember it then you weren't really there... joking aside these panellists definitely were there and will be recalling the highs and lows of the golden era of acid house, rave and super-club culture. This will be a history lesson like nothing you ever experienced at school!
Panellists: Dave Haslam (Hacienda), Dave Beer (Back to Basics) & Chad Jackson (1987 DMC World Champion)

15:15 Getting the Gig – DJing in Commercial Clubs
The club DJ is at the heart of any venue – but what do clubs and bars want from their DJs? How do you become a full-time club DJ and, most importantly, stay at the top of your game? Luminar Leisure has been at the heart of UK Clubland for years and has successfully kept itself ahead of the latest trends to keep its head above water in a struggling late night economy. This panel will feature venue management, resident DJs and Luminar’s head of DJs and entertainment. Join them as they discuss the future of clubland and how you can be a part of it.
Panellists: Al Mayfield (Luminar DJ and Entertainer’s Forum Manager), Alex O’Reilly (Luminar Manager of the Year 2013) & Jamie Lee (Luminar DJ of the Year Finalist)

Monday 15th September

12:15 Promoting Yourself
These days playing and making music isn’t enough – you need to build a profile and connect with an audience. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogging, PR, Apps... where do you start and what's going to help you achieve your goals? During this illuminating panel, five digital marketing experts will give you an insight into how it really works.
Panellists: Adam Biddle (theAudience), Neil Bainbridge (Neighbourhood PR), Ben Gomori, Shelley Taylor (Digital Fan Club) & David Moricca (Mixify)

13:45 The Future of Underground Dance Music
Since the Acid House explosion of the late 80s, people have gathered every weekend in clubs, fields and warehouses to dance to underground electronic music. Genres have changed and evolved, venues have opened and closed, while promoters have come and gone, but one thing has remained the same: the DJ is the one at the front holding it all together. This panel will touch on what’s gone before, discuss the current state of play, but focus on the future of underground electronic music. Talking about music, events, media and technology our panel of renowned DJs and producers will discuss new trends and what the future has in store.
Panellists: Kutski, Andy Whitby, BK, Paul Maddox & Sam Townend

15:15 How Do You Manage That?
Managers are responsible for shaping the careers of the biggest talent through to the brightest young stars but what do they look for when signing new talent and what's the key to successfully managing acts? Our panel of artist managers will share a unique insight into their world in this panel which will be of equal interest to aspiring artists and anyone considering a career in artist management.
Panellists: Ben King (Radius Artist Management), Abel Reynolds (Fingerlickin Management), Andy Robinson (MovManagement) & Kal Jhugroo (Underground Artist Management)