Meet the people that matter

BPM is an unparalleled opportunity to swap ideas and meet with your peers, as DJs, music producers and industry professionals gather to socialise, expand their networks, and progress their careers.

Many DJs and producers work alone and have very little contact with their contemporaries, but those who do make an effort to network not only pick up invaluable ideas but often make firm friendships with people who share their passions.

BPM provides everyone from industry professionals to aspiring DJs with a chance to enjoy a drink with old contacts while exchanging those initial crucial pleasantries with new ones.

BPM 2015 will see the return of The Hub, hosted by Mastermix: a dedicated networking zone designed to allow a productive flow of socialising and idea sharing. The Mastermix Networking Hub will offer an unrivalled opportunity to discuss all things DJ and music production related with peers from across the world. There will also be the chance to make contacts with industry experts who can offer you invaluable ideas and advice, and could even hold the key to your successful future career.

Meet the people that matter at BPM 2015.