Producer and DJ Davey Asprey is continuing his meteoric ascent of the UK trance scene by showcasing his considerable deck talents at BPM 2013, his fifth BPM performance since debuting on the PLAY@STAGE in 2009. He was crowned BPMís DJ Of The Month in April 2012 and went on to win the public vote to become our current DJ Of The Year. Letís catch up with Davey and find out what to expect from this yearís set.

In our first interview with you during the run up to BPM 2011 you mentioned that Eddie Halliwell was your inspiration for becoming a DJ. Now that youíre solidly established as both a DJ and producer, have you picked up any new idols along the way?

Markus Schulz! This guy is King of the epically long set! Plus, whenever Iíve seen him play over here in the UK he always nails it, with a smile!

Youíve had lots of exciting projects develop in 2012. Are there any in particular youíd like to highlight?

Chimera, which is forthcoming on Monster Tunes. The support thatís come in so far is amazing; Iím over the moon with it! And the support list is growing daily, which is awesome. It still has a week left on promo before it goes out on Beatport pre-sale, then onto worldwide release in 3 weeks.

You play widely across the UK and also internationally. Is there a difference in the energy of gigs home and abroad?

The biggest difference I have come across during my few gigs outside of the UK would be the length in set time. In the UK the support DJs usually get an hour apiece to blow your minds, or warm it up for the headliner, compared to my sets abroad which have been anything from an hour and a half to 3-4 hours. I much prefer to play a longer set, really build it up and take the crowd on a musical journey leading to an epic climaxÖ

We already know youíre a bit of a Pioneer junkie, but what else are you looking forward to checking out at BPM 2013?

Iíd love to get into a few of the seminars and expand my knowledge base even further!

Last time we spoke you mentioned that you were putting more time into production; how is that going? Is there anything exciting on the horizon you can tell us about?

This year Iíve been focussed solely on producing. For the first half of this year DJing has taken a back seat while I build up a large enough back catalogue to have a strong release every 4-6 weeks for the remainder of 2013. I have a few other things in the pipeline, but you guys will just have to wait and see what happens!

Who do you dream of collaborating with?

Tiesto! But I doubt weíd get much done really, as Iíd be too star struck to actually function properly. The guy is a hero!

Your monthly show on After Hours FM, Jilted Perspective, has been going strong for just over two years now. Do you find it a useful test bed for new tunes? What else do you use it for?

Yeah itís been a great two years with Afterhours.fm! I love jumping onto the forum while the show is airing to engage with listeners and gain their feedback on the track list. Plus itís a great way of promoting my own material as the listeners - at times - can be in their thousands online.

Youíve already played with some of the greats like Judge Jules and your hero Eddie Halliwell; who else is out there that you would like to share a stage with?


Do you have any gigs coming up that youíre particularly excited about, other than BPM of course?

Iím really looking forward to returning to OTR up in Sheffield on the 16th of August. Itís one of the best northern Trance nights there is, and Iím honoured that theyíve continue to support me over the years. Other than that, I have nothing I can officially announce as of yet, but more TBA over the next few weeksÖ

What can we expect from your set this year?

In your face Trance music!

On Facebook you recently discussed the different ways records are being released (digitally, vinyl, etc.) and mentioned that it doesnít really matter as long as itís appreciated on the dance-floor. We couldnít agree more, but surely you must have a favourite medium?

Iím still a vinyl junkie at heart, and I recently dug through my old crates and came across some forgotten gems! Iíve also been trying out Traktor and an X1 controller that I got for my birthday two years ago and never touched. I can see why more and more people are making the switch, the time it frees up you can now spend on FX, tricks and layering up samplesÖ the only limit is your imagination.

You talk about Ďeating your greensí a lot in every interview weíve done with you. Is this a metaphor for anything musical or are you just that into vegetables?

Itís been the best piece of advice ever given to me. It was 2008 and I was making my debut at Judgement Sundays. I was feeling nervous as hell and I asked Jules if he had any advice. He just came out with that beauty while we were all sitting Ďround having a meal before the gig. Oddly enough it settled my nerves and it turned out to be one of the best nights of my life!

Your Twitter profile discloses your biggest hate: Morris Dancing. What is it exactly that you hate about Morris Dancing? What would you do if someone started doing it while you were behind the decks?

Iím not a huge fan of grown men waving sticks and hankies in my face. Itís rather unsettling. But if somebody was Morris Dancing while I was DJing, Iíd think they were having the time of their lives and let them get on with it!